Your own, free Customized Beat with USPA News

Would you like to run your own press and news portal but don't have the necessary programming skills or time to create such a website? No problem! With your own, Customized Beat launched via the USPA News editorial system, it's quick and easy. You'll be able to publish a variety of editorial content immediately. This allows you to show third parties the types of journalistic activities you perform and to which extent. The Customized Beat contains a full-fledged subdomain, which allows direct access without any detours.

Your Customized Beat and its advantages

If you want to work as a journalist, reporter or photojournalist, all you need is access to the Internet. The convenient editorial system is used to add and publish editorial content as well as photos. Editorial contents are visible in the window on the main page, which significantly increases the average duration of visits. We don't need to emphasize that this is an attractive publication environment. Using the editorial system is easy as child's play, so anyone can do it even without special skills.

Here are your benefits in detail:
  • Verification of journalistic activity
  • Invitations to events, presentations and premieres
  • Your name included under the legal notice (optional)
  • Sale of journalistic content to third parties
  • Marketing tips for the promotion of your Customized Beat
  • Networking
  • Internal editorial system
  • Continuous advancement of the news portal
  • Automatic visitor direction via the main page
  • All updates included
  • Hosting, maintenance, traffic, etc. included
  • Cost and fees for your Customized Beat: USD 0.00




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